Senpai Ernest

Ernest Ong

Sensei Ernest is the Dojo Chief for SCOREFit Academy Dojo and currently holds a 3rd degree black belt. His experience in martial arts includes competing in several national level and regional selection tournaments in his younger days. Sensei Ernest believes that Karate instills discipline and good character development.

During his national service stint, Sensei Ernest was a member of the elite 1st Commando Battalion.

Sensei Ernest personal statement about Karate is that while the young and able-bodied rely on explosive power and strength to overcome opponents, this ability will naturally diminish with age. Hence the importance of building a solid foundation based on decades of dedicated Kihon (basic) training to carry through longevity in practicing the art.


Tournament Referee & Side-Judge Experience

2010: Side Judge at the 11th Asia Tournament 2010 held at Philippines (IKO1)

2013: Referee & Side Judge at 1st Singapore Full Contact Tournament 2013

2015: Referee & Side Judge at 3rd Singapore Full Contact Tournament 2015


Coaching Experience

– Appointed Team Coach for Malaysia Shinkyokushikai Karate Championship 2013 @ Kuala Lumpur.
Tournament Accolades: Women’s Open Weight – Champion & 1st Runner-Up / Men’s Middle Weight – Champion / Men’s Light Weight – Champion & 3rd Runner-Up

– Appointed National Coach for 15th Asia Open Shinkyokushin Karate Championship @ Kuala Lumpur.
Tournament Accolades: Women’s Open Weight – 2nd Runner-Up / Men’s Middle Weight – 2nd Runner-Up

– Appointed Team Coach for 4th Indonesia Open Karate Championship 2015 @ Bali.
Tournament Accolades: Women’s Open Weight – Champion / Men’s Middle Weight – 2nd Runner-Up